Playing Wow at Work

This page for those who hate system administrators for blocking useful ports to play WOW at work .

All Network traffic at our work place goes inside corporate firewall who usually will block all ports except HTTP for browsing .
So we need to create HTTP tunnel to server outside our network and configure WOW to process all traffic inside that tunnel .
All you need to do is download only two programs : one for telling WOW to run inside that tunnel and second for tunneling all traffic outside .

Step By Step Instructions

1. Go to Your Freedom web site and register with valid email.
2. After getting confirmation email you will be forwarded to download page .
3. Download the program from our site or from email link and install it ,
u will have two options for download : java program ( very small , approx 900 kB, but you have install Sun Java first ) or full version (approx 28 mb)
4. Start Your-Freedom and configure it with best server and username password as shown for advance users or use wizard


5. Download SocksCup v2 software and install it .

6.Configure it as shown on those screensots


7. Send 10 gold to my mail box on Bronzbeard realm to "Semion" .

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